YuIP.org Use the YuIP website to find out your IP, check for open ports, test the latency for multiple servers in the world, and give the PING command online.

Run the PING command online.

For the PING command to work, ICMP permission is required on the Firewall.

Enter the IP or Host


  • PING or Packet Internet Network (Grouper) command is a command to test the connectivity between devices on a network. Basically the system will send commands and wait for the response if the command receives the command was executed successfully.
  • In our test the PING command is executed 5 times, and the sending data packet is 32 bytes.
  • Soon after the time name you can observe the time it took to send and receive the response from the PING command. This time is in milliseconds.
  • The PING commands run on this page are being sent from the AWS server in Virginia in the United States.