YuIP.org Use the YuIP website to find out your IP, check for open ports, test the latency for multiple servers in the world, and give the PING command online.

Your IP on the Internet

Your Provider

Average latency

  • Your IP on the Internet, I mean your public IP address, that is, that IP address that every site you access can view it. If you are using a proxy server the public IP will match the public IP of your proxy server.
  • Your IP on the Local Network, this is the same as your private IP address. This IP is only accessible to devices that are connected to your local network. To view your IP address on the local network it is recommended to access this site using the browser Chrome or Firefox because not everyone can see the browser.
  • IP Forwarded, corresponds to an IP address that is intended to identify a device that accesses the internet site through an HTTP proxy server. It is possible that your proxy server is configured not to show your IP Forwarded. There are other situations that IP Forwarded is using in load balancing.
  • Your Provider in this field will try to identify the company responsible for your connection to the internet.
  • Average Latency, I mean the average time it takes for your internet to send and receive a little command to a website. This happens every time and several times when you access a website on the internet. Then the shorter the time, the faster it will be to send and receive commands. The system will try to perform the latency test with your internet using the AWS server closest to you.