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Test whether a TCP port is open or closed.

Enter the IP or Host

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  • Use this page to test the ports you want. For example, it may be useful to check if a particular port is actually closed or open on the internet after you have made a NAT configuration of your router or after having made a configuration in your computer's Firewall.
  • Depending on which port is open or which application uses the port, having an open port can be very dangerous for your network or your machine. I can recommend to ordinary users that they keep all the doors closed. Open a door only if you have full confidence in the application that will make use of it.

List of most common TCP ports you can test

Door Protocol Description
20-21FTPFTP is a very fast and versatile way of transferring files, being one of the most used in the internet. Mostly the developer wants to host files on his website on the internet.
22SSHWith SSH you can virtually access a server as if you were in a command terminal, DOS type. This is widely used in linux servers.
23TelnetTelnet is as if it were the same as SSH, but more popular in Windows and less secure than SSH.
80HTTPPort 80 is the default port used by web servers in hosting web sites. Where web pages is provided without encryption.
139,445SMBThis protocol is used by Windows for shared network and printer sharing. It is very important that this port is closed on the internet for the security of your device.
443HTTPSPort 443 is the default port used by secure web servers. Where web pages are provided in encrypted form.
3389RDPRemote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is used to connect remotely to computers running Windows. This is standard for accessing windows server servers.
5800,5900VNCVNC can be used to connect to a machine whether it is Windows, MAC, Linux. This can be done both on the internal network and on the internet.